Top 5 Small Villages in Europe that You Can Visit

When planning a trip to Europe, among the popular destinations that come into the mind of most tourists are the jam-packed cities of London, Paris, and Berlin. While these beautiful metropolitans are incredible, they barely conclude the stimulating destinations that Europe has to offer. The smaller towns and villages spread out all over the European content represent the authentic and traditional uniqueness of Europe. If you are looking to make a trip to this continent, you might find the following detailed account of a few beautiful villages in Europe enticing. Visiting them could well give you a unique experience of what the continent has to offer.


The Fishing Village of Reine, Norway


Despite being located in the remote parts of Norway, numerous tourists make a quick stop at the village, which a real testament of its worth. The biggest attraction in the village is the red and white fishermen cottages known as rorbuer. A number of these cottages have recently been revamped to host the tourists, and some are perched on the water thus you can wake up to amazing views. After absorbing the vibe of this small village, you can board a ferry and head for the Bunes Beach for a swim especially when the water is not too cold or even take a hike. Visiting Reine during summer will also give you a perfect view of the midnight sun and the Aurora Borealis during winter.


Giethoorn, Netherlands


Giethoorn is among the Top 5 prime villages in Europe you can visit. The locality is incredibly small and car-free; it’s popularly known as the ‘Venice of Holland.’ Since there are no roads in this village, you can choose to either walk, cycle or ride a boat. The village sits next to the Weerribben Wieden National Park, which makes it an extremely green town. This area is remarkably quiet with the loudest noises being the sounds of quacking ducks and talking locals. This is where you can learn more about German rice pudding history


Bled, Slovenia


While Slovenia might not be the first country in Europe that people think of when seeking natural beauty, it is endowed with some of the most remarkable scenery. One ideal example is Bled, which denotes a small town that sits along the shores of a lake. The village features the Julia Alps as its backdrop and an island in the lake crowned with a beautiful white church. This small town looks like a scene from a romantic fairy tale, and you have to see it to believe it.


Bibury, central England


In Central England, there exists a region that features a hilly landscape, ample greenery and wide, open space, known as the Cotswolds. In the middle of Cotswolds is a small village called Bibury, where times looks like it froze a while ago. The most iconic attraction of this small village is the string of Arlington Row cottages on which the locals prefer to erect thatched roofs.


Smogen, Sweden


Smogen is located on the western coastal area of Sweden. If you visit by car, you will approach the village via a stunning bridge that offers panoramic views of the bay below. You may subsequently head on to the harbor and watch tiny bright-colored houses, some of which are built right on the cliffs. The entire township is charming and old-fashioned, which puts it in the top 5 villages in Europe that you can visit.


Europe is an area full of diverse languages, cultures, cuisines, and architecture. The megacities of the continent have an amazing scenic view. However, if you want to experience the tranquillity of the continent away from the hustle and bustle of the cities, you can visit the smaller towns and villages. These villages also present ideal spots for people who want to experience the traditional culture of Europe.